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  • WARNS Issued March 17th 2017
    Updated On: May 19, 2017

    Catagory A form here (for submitting your recall rights paperwork)

     Job Number  Job Title # WARN Issued 3/17/2017 WARN Total to date Sen. date WARNS issued to
    21203 ASSEMBLER WIRE GROUP B 1 1 1/6/2017
    31606 INTEGRAL FUEL CELL ASSEMBLY B 50 50 5/1/2015
    51406 INSPECTOR ASSEMBLY & INSTALLATION B 20 20 2/6/2015
    59106 INTEGRAL FUEL CELL SEALER A 29 29 2/27/2015
    C3406 INSPECTOR FABRICATION B 7 7 3/6/2015
    Total 111 111
    opeiu#8 afl-cio tlk

    Many Variables Impact Issuance of WARN Notices

    Our Union understands that when WARN notices are handed out, it can be one of the most stressful times our members face. Enforcement of our seniority provisions is very important to our Union.

    We have received several questions regarding WARN notices at Boeing and if notices were properly issued based on our IAM-Boeing contract and seniority provisions.

    The process of issuing WARNs takes into account many variables that may be unknown until the date of an actual layoff because things are continually changing. For example:

    • Some members have contractual rights to other jobs (downgrade and return rights); therefore, they will not receive a WARN in their current job. Keep in mind they will move to the other job on or before the surplus date.

    • Boeing may use retentions to hold junior employees in a job (as defined in section 22.2-22.3 pg 102-103). The union is notified of the applied retentions on the date of layoff. These retentions will then be reflected on the updated seniority roster following an actual layoff (with an R next to the member’s name).

    • Union Stewards have contractual rights that are not impacted by surplus.

    • Boeing also has a right to downgrade or lateral employees to other open jobs if their seniority will hold them.

    Between when WARNs are issued and the actual layoff date, Boeing Workforce attempts to place people into other job openings in Puget Sound to minimize layoff.

    All of these variables cause the numbers to continually change prior to layoff. Once layoffs occur, our Union will be diligent to ensure that the Company followed contractual requirements regarding seniority rights.

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