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  • Revisions Ensure Mechatronics Job Description Confined to Grade 6 Work
    Updated On: Jun 28, 2018

    The Company has now revised the installed Mechatronics Maintenance 87706 Job Classification.  Prior to this revision, the Company presented the Union with a job description that contained elements from the Grade 9 and Grade 10 work statement that we felt would have jeopardized those higher-graded positions and led to the erosion of the value of that higher-level work. 

    Using the grievance and arbitration process, the Union engaged the Company in discussions.  We convened a group of stewards and union leaders who understood the work and prevailed on the Company to remove all references in the job description that included references to the higher graded work.  Specifically:

    • All references to “troubleshoot,” “diagnose,” “predictive maintenance,” “failure analysis,” “analyze,” etc. with respect to this particular body of work—all of which were in the original draft— have been removed. 

    • The determining duties now includes a reference to assisting higher classified employees in various maintenance functions, demonstrating an important separation between the lower-graded and higher-graded functions.

    Your Union is satisfied that the revised installed job description, as significantly revised by our proposals, properly reflects only Grade 6 work and therefore preserves and protects the higher level work performed by Grade 9 and Grade 10 employees.  To protect against any erosion, it will be important to work together to help ensure that the higher graded work continues to be properly paid at the higher level.

    Click here to view Company’s original description 11-10-15

    Click here to view current, revised description 06-19-18

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