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Suggestions and ideas to help your union do a better job and rebuild our solidarity. This is your direct input link to provide feedback, suggestions and ideas only. Requests for assistance with a contract issue should be directed to your Union Steward or Business Rep. Feedback should not be used to seek individual assistance from the District Lodge, or to discuss pending grievances and/or internal union affairs.

July 2015 Aero Mechanic Newspaper online
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to download the July 2015 of the Aero

Lester Mullen Elected District 751 Vice President
Thanks to all the members and retirees who took the time to vote on July 22 in the District 751 Vice President election. Lester Mullen was elected as our Vice President. Below are the vote tallies:

Lester Mullen 808
Clifford Goetsch 191
John Carter 68
Charles Fromong 64
Ronald L. Coen 60
Joseph Smith 36
Keith Elliott 32

Boeing Will Pay High Price For McNerney's Mistake Of Treating Aviation Like It Was Any Other Industry

from Forbes.com
Yesterday’s announcement that Jim McNerney was retiring as Boeing BA -0.04% CEO wasn’t a major surprise – everyone knew he’d leave within a year or so – but it was rather abrupt and the timing was unexpected. He probably jumped, but there are certainly reasons to believe that he may have been nudged along in his move.

Under McNerney, Boeing’s stock price did very well. Cash flow was generally strong, and investors like short-term metrics like these. But he also leaves behind a toxic legacy that future leadership will need to deal with. Read Full Story here...

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