2013 Contract Extension Proposal

Absentee Ballot Process Being Developed for Jan. 3 Vote (New)

Recognizing that many of our members are on approved vacation and out of the area on the voting day of January 3rd, District 751 got the International President to grant authority to do a one-time absentee ballot process on a contract vote.

Click Here for the Electronic Absentee Ballot Request Procedure
please print and follow all instructions

Absentee Ballot requests must be made via email by no later than noon on January 2nd

Click Here for the IAM District 751 Comparison/Analysis of 12/12/13 proposal vs 11/13/13 proposal (New)

Click here to download flyer with questions we all should be asking because of the lack of details on Boeing's proposal. (New)

All proposed changes below stay the same from the November 13th proposal unless otherwise provided for in the Boeing proposal submitted on December 12th entitled Boeing Summary of changes as proposed December 12th 2013 (New) below. 

Boeing Summary of changes AND full Language Changes as proposed December 12th (New)

LOU 42, LOU 777x, Art 6, LOU Joint Company/Union Wages Committee, LOU 34 Lump Sum payments, Ratification Bonus

Click here for Health Care Option B attachment (did not receive an electronic copy to date)

Health Care Summary and Language Changes (Same)
Article 11Group Benefits (Medical) (Same)
Article 9 and Article 10 - VIP and New 401k (Same)
Attachment A (Active Medical) (Same)
Attachment B (Retiree Medical) (Same)
Dental Implant LOU (Same)


All other language not contained in these proposed changes remain the same.

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