Negotiation Process    


Identifying the Issues.


Members determine the most important issues for our Union contract negotiators through a variety of methods, including:
• Contract surveys distributed to members
• Input from members given to Union Stewards and the Business Rep in daily interaction.
• Business Rep identifies problem areas in the contract through daily enforcement of the current Agreement

Formal Negotiations Begin

In April, the Union Negotiating Committee will present Triumph our comprehensive contract proposal addressing membership issues. The Negotiating Committee will meet on an ongoing basis.

Strike Sanction Vote.

This important vote on xxxxxx will grant strike sanction support to our negotiators. This show of solidarity gives our negotiators power at the bargaining table. It is in no way an indication a strike is likely to occur.



Stay Informed and Give Input.

Throughout the negotiation process, it is essential that we have two-way communication with the members. Attend shop floor meetings, voice concerns to your Union Steward or call the Union hall if you have input to provide. Check website for updates:

Last and Final Offer.

After Triumph delivers it’s last and final offer, the Union will print a summary of the proposal, as well as a booklet highlighting all changes. This information will be distributed to Union members to review. We are hopeful the Company will present their last and final offer a few days before the vote so members have more time to review it.

Contract Vote.

After reviewing the proposal, IAM members vote a two-part ballot
First, members vote to ACCEPT or REJECT the contract proposal submitted by the Company.

Second, members vote to reaffirm strike sanction. The IAM Constitution requires 2/3’s of those voting must reaffirm strike sanction in order to call a strike.

NOTE: 99 percent of contracts are ratified and accepted by the membership. A strike is a rare occurrence – and only after getting a super majority of the members. Ultimately, it is the members’ decision.