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  • Boeing to Issue 60-Day WARN Notices
    Posted On: May 27, 2020

    May 27, 2020 - Today, we were notified by the Company that approximately 3800 WARN notices would be issued to our members by the end of this week, Friday, May 29th. This is in addition to the 1150 Voluntary Layoffs (VLO) that members chose to accept previously.  

    Once the list of WARN notices by job code and seniority date is received from the company, we will make it available on our website, as we have in the past. The list will show how many WARNs were issued in each job code and the seniority dates impacted as well.

    We will also work to provide information regarding movement out of a job code (when a member has downgrade or return rights) which explains why the total number of members removed from a job code is higher than the actual WARN notices issued in each job code. This surplus action always results in members returning back to job codes in which they earned downgrade or return rights back into.

    We are updating our facing layoff brochure and will post and email it out when we have the current information. We are also preparing a flyer designed to educate members on their downgrade, recall and return rights, as well as asking members to verify their work history. Some of this information is in the June AeroMechanic that went to print last night. Click here to view June AeroMechanic.

    NOTE:  Members cannot file Category A Recall Rights until after they are laid-off and will do this through Worklife.

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