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  • Nomination & Election Schedule for Fall Union Elections During COVID
    Updated On: Jul 31, 2020

    In view of the current COVID pandemic and disruption to Lodge Meetings, the IAM International President has granted dispensation to modify our nomination and election process of District Council Delegates/Alternates, District Audit, Business Representatives, and 751-A, 751-C & 1951 Local Lodge Officers. Since lodge meetings are cancelled, we created an alternative nomination and election process similar to what was used for the Grand Lodge Convention Delegates earlier this year.

    Since there is no in person voting, members wishing to receive a ballot click here or on button above or call 1-800-763-1301 and request a ballot by 5 pm on Sept. 30. 

    Ballots must be returned via U.S. mail no later than 5 p.m. on Oct. 14.

    All members in good standing, whose dues are paid through August 2020, and retired Union members, are eligible to vote in their respective Local Lodge election.

    NOMINATIONS: Nominations will be accepted from members in good standing by U.S. Mail or hand delivered to any Union Hall during business hours. Candidates for any position must meet the requirements outlined in the IAM Constitution/Local Bylaws (see qualifications at bottom of page). In addition, any member nominated must accept the nomination or their name will not appear on the ballot.

    If you would like to nominate a member in your Local Lodge (751-A, 751-C, 751-E, 751-F, 86, 1123, or 1951), mail the form from page 3 of the August AeroMechanic or click here for the nomination form or hand deliver to the Seattle Union Hall during business hours (M-F 8am to 5pm). Be sure to include your information as the nominator. To be valid, return nomination form (from here or page 3 August AeroMechanic) via U.S. Mail to IAM 751 Elections, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA  98108 OR hand deliver to any Union Hall (Mon-Fri business hours) on or before 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 4. We recommend sending it Certified Mail so you have a receipt. For a list of qualifications for these positions, see below.

    We recognize these are unprecedented times, and are adapting new procedures to conduct the business of our union. Thank you for your patience during these times. If you have any questions on this process, please contact Secretary-Treasurer Susan Palmer at 206-764-0310. 


    Candidates for all Union positions must be in good standing and free from delinquencies of any nature to the Grand Lodge, District or Local Lodge of the IAM.

    In Local Lodges 751-E, 86, 1951, and 1123, a nominee shall be required to have attended at least 50% of the Local Lodge meetings during the 12-month period ending the date of the close of nominations (per requirements of the Local bylaws).

    In Local Lodges 751-A, 751-C, and 751-F, candidates are encouraged to have attended at least 50% of the Local Lodge meetings during the 12-month period ending the date of the close of nominations.

    A member must have been in continuous good standing for at least three years and must be working at the trade one year immediately prior to their nomination. The qualification “working at the trade” shall not apply to members who are salaried full-time employees of the Union, a council, conference, or the AFL-CIO or CLC, nor shall it apply to members who experience a layoff during the one-year period immediately prior to their nomination, or to members who have been unable to obtain employment at the trade because of a strike, lockout, discrimination, or temporary physical disability. All Business Representatives must qualify under Sec. 5, Art. I in the IAM Constitution. No Business Rep may hold any other office in the gift of any L.L. or D.L. A Business Rep may serve as a delegate to any affiliated body and to conventions.

    QUALIFICATIONS FOR DISTRICT AUDIT, DISTRICT COUNCIL DELEGATES & ALTERNATES (4-year term): Candidates must be a member of their respective Local at the time of nomination. According to the District bylaws, candidates must have three years continuous membership and have worked in a shop under contract with District 751 for one year preceding nomination or have held a full-time, elected office for District 751 or be on leave of absence from a shop under contract with District 751 to fill an appointed position. Members on strike, victimized or temporarily unemployed are exempted from the provisions and have “worked in a shop under contract with 751 for one year preceding nomination” provision. Duly elected delegates or alternates from a newly formed Lodge or a new affiliated Lodge who cannot meet the above requirements due to charter or affiliation date shall be exempted from these provisions in order to be seated in the District Lodge Council. Also must meet the requirements of the IAM Constitution.

    QUALIFICATIONS FOR LOCAL LODGE 751-A & 751-C OFFICERS (3-year term): Candidates must be a member of the respective Local at the time of nomination and have been a member of the Local for one year at the time of nomination (or of a Local affiliated with District 751). Candidates shall be working at the trade as defined in the IAM Constitution in Sec. 4, Art. II for six months prior to the nomination. In addition, all L.L. officers and editors of L.L. publications must qualify under Sec. 5, Art. I (IAM Constitution).

    All members nominated must accept the nomination to be placed on the ballot.

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