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  • Enjoy Your Labor Day Holiday Weekend (Remember: No Mandatory Overtime on Holiday Weekends*)
    Posted On: Sep 03, 2021

    As we celebrate Labor Day this weekend, it is a good time to reflect on the accomplishments of workers and organized labor. This is our holiday; a day to recognize the power of workers united toward a common goal. We hope each of you gets a chance to enjoy the holiday weekend with family and friends.

    Our Union contract at Boeing (page 146) ensures: all overtime on a contractual holiday or on the weekend which immediately precedes a Monday holiday or immediately follows a Friday holiday shall be voluntary. *The only instance where overtime on a holiday weekend can be mandatory is "where necessary for facilities maintenance."

    Members can always volunteer for overtime on holiday weekends and the actual holiday, but this contract language ensures you have the option to spend the holiday weekend with family and friends.

    On Labor Day, we should all remember that nearly EVERY benefit we enjoy at work today is because union members fought long and hard against Corporate America to make life better for working folks. Things like the 40-hour workweek, weekends, overtime, paid vacation, paid holidays, and health care coverage are attributed to union members who came before us and fought for and gained these important benefits. Workplace safety rules exist because unions demanded that workers should go home as healthy each day as when they clocked in that morning ­– this right to a safe workplace has been critical as we have worked through a global pandemic.

    Unions have changed every workplace in America in one way or another for the better. So this Labor Day, let’s celebrate the power you have as a worker and a Union member. We should each take responsibility for our Union, get involved, believe in our power and use it to maintain and improve our standard of living. Plan to attend a virtual Union meeting while they are on Zoom,
    simply click on the link , decide the meeting to attend and you are participating. If a contract violation occurs, report it to your Steward and challenge management’s action. Learn about your rights on the job, then make sure those rights are enforced. You are the Union!

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