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  • Update on Effects Bargaining Dec 3, 2021
    Updated On: Dec 03, 2021

    UPDATE Dec. 3, 2021 - We are continuing to engage with the Company in effects bargaining over the vaccine mandate and wanted to provide an update.

    The Company and Union remain at odds over many issues including the application of Executive Order 14042. The union feels strongly that one standard should be used for all workers in the US. The OSHA standard allows for testing as an alternative, and we believe testing is the best way to ensure that someone who is positive with COVID doesn’t enter the workplace.

    Through the effects bargaining process, members will now have until Feb. 18th to become fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption (either medical or religious), which then allows testing as an accommodation. Fully Vaccinated means 2 weeks have passed after the final shot in the vaccine regiment.

    Initially the deadline for being fully vaccinated was December 8th, then the requirement to receive the final shot was moved to January 4th with a requirement to be fully vaccinated by January 18th. Again, Members will now have until February 18th to become fully vaccinated or receive an approved exemption. On January 4th the company will reach out and communicate requirements to those that have not met the requirements of being fully vaccinated or approved/under review for an exemption request. 

    Keep in mind, you must register and upload your COVID vaccination status to the Boeing vaccination registration system. If you are fully vaccinated, we encourage you to register and upload it as soon as possible. (Click here to view uploading vaccination info in Worklife, which Boeing put out).

    The Company agreed to continue offering 2 hours of paid time for each vaccine shot, and as of November 19th, they are also providing 2 hours paid time for a COVID booster shot. Note that the 2 hours paid time for a COVID booster is not retroactive to those who received it prior to November 19th.

    Any member that has an adverse reaction to the vaccine lasting longer than 2 days can file a workers compensation claim. Workers’ compensation eligibility is determined under state law based on the circumstances of each claim.

    The Company agreed to evaluate all accommodation requests through Feb. 18th.

    This means employees can continue working, meet weekly testing requirements up until February 18th, if they are in the process of getting vaccinated or have filed for an exemption.

    The Company has agreed to cover the costs of testing from Jan. 4 to Feb 18th. Discussions over the costs of long term testing will continue to be a topic of effects bargaining.

    We remain steadfast in our position that any affected members should receive layoff status and all contractual rights.

    We also proposed that, should any court ruling overturn this mandate, we will meet to discuss implications and how to make whole any impacted members.

    As we stated, we haven’t reached agreement and remain far apart on many issues. We continue to advocate for all our members as we work through this mandate. The fact is, Boeing has chosen to implement the most restrictive standard associated with Executive Order 14042, for federal contractors, when we feel they could apply the OSHA standards that allow testing as an alternative.

    We want to encourage members to proceed with filing medical or religious exemptions. (Click here for forms and process). Boeing will evaluate exemption requests as they are submitted and many have already been approved. To date, no denials have been brought to the Union.

    This is an ongoing situation and we remain committed to advocate for all members. Knowing that the deadline is moving to Feb. 18th gives members more time to take action (either getting vaccinated or submitting exemption requests). We will update you as more information becomes available.

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