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  • IAM 751 Stands in Solidarity with IAM 837 Members at Boeing
    Updated On: Jul 22, 2022

    July 22, 2022: IAM Members at District Lodge 837 in St. Louis will vote on Boeing’s last, best and final contract offer on Sunday, July 24th. The 837 bargaining committee is recommending the membership reject the offer and vote to strike. The future of these members is in their hands and they alone will determine the path forward for each other, their families and their community. Their contract stipulates a 7-day waiting period, which means if members vote to strike on Sunday, pickets will go up August 1st.

    We at District Lodge 751 understand the struggle that the members of District 837 are going through, as we have had similar struggles with the same employer. We know what it is like to be in a long-term agreement, fighting to get back to the table to address the destructive agreement brought on by the overreach of our employer. We, like members of 837, know what it is like to have a defined benefit pension frozen and the stagnation of wages. These issues are exacerbated by the highest inflation seen in the last 40 years.

    Members of IAM 837 are negotiating reasonable provisions to address the long-term concerns of their membership.

    One of the most important issues IAM 837 members face is pay equity. Boeing’s proposal includes a provision that keeps a worker from reaching maximum pay for roughly 23 years, but that is reaching the maximum pay of 23 years ago. This sentences entire generations to substandard wages for their entire career. This is about equity, fairness and equal pay for equal work and members of IAM 837.

    IAM 837 members are fighting for those who haven’t even been born yet, to build a stronger future for all. They are not just fighting for themselves, but for their community and those who will become members long after they are gone.

    Again, IAM 837 members have the goal of clawing back reasonable things that were taken from them years ago. The over reach of the employer in this instance has left this membership focusing on making gains to fill the void created in a previous concessionary extension agreement.

    Members of 751 stand shoulder-to-shoulder in true solidarity and support the IAM 837 membership in their effort to achieve their goals. Their fight is literally our fight and we are here to support their efforts.

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