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  • Verify 401(k) Company Match and Special Retirement Contribution Are Correct
    Posted On: Aug 02, 2022

    Double Check Your 401(k) Company Match & Special Retirement Contributions are Correct

    Members should verify every paycheck that you received the proper 401(k) Boeing Company matching funds and Special Retirement contributions.

    Recently, our 751 Health & Benefits Rep ensured an 11-year member received his 401(k) matching funds that should have been automatically contributed each paycheck. In this case, after years of getting the proper match the member did not get the 401(k) match in four separate paychecks so it was not an isolated incident. Despite trying, the member couldn’t get it corrected by submitting a ticket in Worklife so he called our Health & Benefits Office, who elevated the documentation of pay stubs and confirmation of a Worklife ticket to Labor Relations and got the issue corrected.

    Odds are this didn’t only happen to one member. Therefore, verify each paycheck that the 401(k) matching funds and Special Company Retirement contributions are correct. If there is a problem, first submit a ticket in Worklife. If it isn’t corrected on the next check, contact our Health & Benefits office by calling 206-764-0350.

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