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New Hire-in Rates for Specific Job Classifications
Mar 30, 2023
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Boeing notified us late in the day on Friday, March 24, 2023, that they were going to revise new hire-in rates above the minimum for specific job classifications where they are trying to attract and retain new members. Because all the information wasn’t provided, we had to get more details from the Company before releasing the information, which we did late Tuesday.

Our Contract contains a minimum and maximum wage scale for every labor grade included within our bargaining unit. The Company has the authority to pay members working in a job classification a wage rate within the minimum and maximum wage scale contained in Article 6.

Over the years, they have increased the minimum rates for entire labor grades or for specific job classifications within a labor grade to attract workers when they have a need to hire.

The Aerospace industry is on an upswing, and Boeing is attempting to ramp up production and needs to hire thousands of IAM members going forward. The Company has made the decision to increase the minimum rates that they will pay to new hires in specific job classifications. This does not affect all classifications or all labor grades. This round, they made the decision to increase the rates for 21 specific classifications. (See below.)

When this happens, the Union works to ensure that no one in that job classification is paid less than what a new person is hired for. There are some exceptions to this when the Company hires above the minimum rates based on external resume experience. We have seen this in many jobs that have already been communicated over the years.

This is a practice that has been implemented by the Company for decades. We will provide all current, detailed information when this happens as quickly as we can.

On another note, we have 18 months until our Contract expires. We must stick together. Our Solidarity will carry us through. Reach out to every new member that comes into our workplace, talk to them, and share with them the principles our members feel are important. Make sure that they understand that they are now a member of IAM 751 and that we all have a responsibility to do our part to ensure we are successful in 2024.

In Solidarity,

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