Click here to view a pdf of the IAM Constitution.

Click here to view proposals that will be voted on at May Zoom Local Lodge meetings.

In 2020, each Local Lodge President appointed a Resolutions committee and held meetings via Zoom to formulate proposals to submit to the 2020 Grand Lodge Convention. When COVID postponed the Grand Lodge Convention until Sept. 2021, the revisions were not finalized or voted at local lodge meetings. Therefore, we held two Zoom webinars on Saturday, April 24th at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. to finalize proposals and consider new ones members bring forward. Any interested members are welcome to take part. Thanks to all who took part in these meetings and provided input.

The finalized proposals will be voted at the May lodge meetings via Zoom to submit for consideration at the Grand lodge Convention.

Members wishing to submit proposed changes to the IAM Constitution can submit an online form clicking the button above or downloading this pdf and submit them via email to or mail to IAM 751, Constitutional Proposal, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA  98108. Proposals must be received by 22nd so they can be discussed at the April 24th Zoom meetings. You can view a pdf of the IAM Constitution at

Our Grand Lodge delegates, who were elected last spring, will work together to network and lobby delegates from across the country for maximum effect to support the positions, which have been passed at each local lodge.

Keep in mind that the IAM Constitution is not an easy document to change and requires support from other Districts and Locals around the country.
The Grand Lodge Convention convenes every 4 years with elected delegates from across the U.S. and Canada. These delegates determine the rules of how our Union runs, debate policies and programs and outline and revise our Union structure based on proposals/IAM Constitution changes submitted by local lodges. The IAM-Constitution governs our Union on everything from electing officers to voting on contracts.


At the 2016 Convention, District 751 was a driving force in ensuring the Membership Bill of Rights passed to put more power and democracy back into the hands of each and every member.