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  • Boeing Notice of Internal Posting for 97109 Open Positions
    Updated On: May 15, 2019

    Boeing sent the following notice to IAM members in Puget Sound, and we are posting it on our website as well to ensure members see the notice.

    **Update May 8, 2019 - We recently heard that members are applying for a 97109 position using Req number 1800098813. Please be aware that this is an EXTERNAL requisition and any current employee will be screened out of the process. To apply internally members should apply to INTERNAL requisition number 1900106081.

    NOTE: The Company had an overwhelming response to the req and at this time has plenty of candidates to interview; therefore, they are closing the req as of Friday, May 17th. However, the req could potentially open up again. We will keep you posted with updates.

    Boeing has a large quantity of requirements for the 97109 job number.  Currently the list of ERT Candidates for this job number has been depleted in the union workforce Employee Requested Transfer (ERT) process.  The Company and the Machinist Union District 751 have agreed to temporarily allow the internal and external candidates to be hired for this job through Careers @ Boeing for a period of 90-days in conjunction with the normal ERT process.  This time period will start on 05/02/2019 and end on 07/31/2019.  During this temporary time period, all employees who file their ERT for these jobs (location and shift applicable) will be offered these jobs prior to any internal and external candidates who have applied through Careers @ Boeing.  This temporary change is designed to allow our employees to continue to work through the green light process, file their ERT, and be placed into these jobs prior to anyone applying through Careers @ Boeing, while allowing the company to hire both internally and externally if the ERT Candidate list remains depleted. 

    As a reminder, IAM represented employees are allowed two resumes per year utilizing their education assistance funds and need to see an advisor to get assistance. For help and additional resources, contact IAM / Boeing Joint Programs Career Advisors to guide you through the temporary changes, and assist you in the process.

    IAM / Boeing Joint Programs Career Advisors can be reached by dialing: 1-800-235-3453 (Puget Sound)

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