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  • AMPP is based on productivity, quality & safety - not Boeing’s financial performance
    Updated On: Nov 07, 2019

    Our Contractual AMPP Is Based on Safety, Quality and Productivity – Not Boeing’s Financial Performance

    Our AMPP incentive plan is secured in our collective bargaining agreement and is based on metrics we can have an impact on: safety, quality and productivity.

    Our AMPP incentive program is not based off of Boeing’s financial performance. Therefore, even if the Boeing Company’s stock price or profits decline, we are still eligible to earn our contractual incentive plan, based on our performance within the negotiated metrics.

    AMPP numbers aren’t currently being published, as there are many outside factors impacting the metrics we are held to. We continue to meet on a monthly basis to identify areas outside of our members’ control that should be removed from the metrics. Should you have issues in your shop that negatively impact the metrics and are out of our members’ control, be sure to use the blue button on our webpage to report those issues so we can bring them up in our monthly meeting.

    We appreciate your hard work and dedication, and our goal remains to obtain the highest possible AMPP payout for our members

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