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  • Verify Medical Plan & Dependents Are Correct for 2021
    Posted On: Jan 28, 2021

    In January, several members working at Boeing contacted our Union to report that their new Boeing medical insurance cards were not issued for the plan they selected during open enrollment. Even though most of these members had not changed plans, somehow the new cards put members on a different plan.

    Rather than simply putting the new cards in your wallet, take a few minutes and verify the cards you received in the mail have you on the correct medical plan (Traditional Medical Plan; Selections or Kaiser Permanente). If it is not correct and you were somehow switched to the wrong plan, start a ticket in Worklife.

    You should also confirm in Worklife that your proper dependents are on your health insurance. Several members reported their dependents were dropped or a divorced spouse was mysteriously added back onto coverage. It is easier to correct earlier in the year, than when critical coverage is needed for a medical emergency.

    To verify dependents included on your coverage:

    • Sign into Worklife

    • Click My Health & Insurance Benefits

    • Click See My Current Coverage icon

    If your cards do not reflect the proper plan or your dependents are not correct in Worklife, please call our Health & Benefits Office at 206-764-0350 for help in resolving the matter after you have started a ticket in Worklife.

    Also be aware Boeing changed providers of their prescription coverage for 2021, which was announced in a Boeing mailer. Before you get prescriptions filled in 2021 (even ongoing ones with automatic refills), you will want to verify the pharmacy is covered by your plan. Also be sure to provide your new card to the pharmacy so it is billed correctly, and you aren’t paying too much.

    Keep in mind even if you didn’t change medical plans the OLD medical card will not work at the pharmacy because the new ones have the codes the pharmacist needs at the bottom. The left side of the front of the card below the office visit charge is the RxBin number and RxPCN code for Boeing. This is why the old card cannot be used in place of the new like in the past.

    Again, if your coverage or dependents are not correct, start a ticket in Worklife and then call our Health & Benefits office at 206-764-0350.

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