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  • AMPP Payout for 2020 is 1.2%
    Posted On: Feb 12, 2021

    Feb. 12, 2021 - Today, the company announced that the final AMPP bonus for 2020 would be 1.2%. The payout will occur on your Feb. 25th paycheck.

    This bonus reflects a max payout for the safety metric only (prior to Committee meetings Boeing was set to pay just .6% for safety). However, the payout does not acknowledge the hard work IAM 751 members accomplished during unprecedented circumstances in 2020.

    Boeing retooled the bonus metrics for management and nearly every other payroll except ours, in order to ensure they rewarded other payrolls for their hard work in 2020.  This same consideration should have been given to IAM 751 members as well. This didn’t happen.

    Our AMPP committee was able to successfully argue for a higher payout in the safety metric; unfortunately, other arguments did not result in an increase.

    We also argued that while it is important to recognize the work of every other payroll, it was just as important to recognize the hard work of our members as well. Our work should not be discounted. This fell on deaf ears.

    You all deserve better than this. Working through a pandemic, risking your own health as you continue to bring value to the Boeing Company every day.

    I want to commend our membership for always pushing forward, for being the stability during an unstable year.  Thank you for being patient as the AMPP committee continued to advocate on your behalf. Clearly, you all deserve better.

    I also want to thank our AMPP committee for their diligence and efforts on behalf of our members. Again, the 1.2% payout will be on your Feb. 25th paycheck. Any members who were laid-off, took the VLO or retired during 2020 will receive the payout based on their 2020 earnings (excluding layoff/severance benefits).

    Jon Holden, IAM District 751 President

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