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  • Boeing's Process to Request Medical and Religious Exemption from COVID-19 Vaccination
    Posted On: Oct 19, 2021

    Oct. 19, 2021 - Boeing provided the steps to apply for COVID-19 vaccination religious and medical exemptions, and our union is posting and emailing the process to ensure you received the information. Boeing opened up how to submit the medical exemption in Worklife today (Oct. 19).

    Boeing suggested employees who require an exemption (either religious or medical) should submit the request by Nov. 1 to avoid missing the deadline of Dec. 8.

    COVID-19 vaccination religious exemption request form

    COVID-19 Vaccination Disability/Medical Exemption Request Form

    For any members who are denied medical or religious exemptions, our Union will investigate each instance on a case-by-case basis.

    Boeing Process for Religious ExemptionA BNN article published Oct. 13, 2021 outlines the process for requesting an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination requirement in the U.S. due to a sincerely held religious belief. (To find this in Worklife, search Article KB0026137)

    Per BNN Article Actions to take for religious exemption:

    1. Complete COVID-19 vaccination religious exemption request form. Answer all questions (1-4), sign and date the form. (NOTE: Do not use the Boeing form that referenced talking to your manager about your religious exemption – Boeing updated their form 10/13/21 to eliminate that step)
    2. Obtain a letter of support pertaining to your religious accommodation request from your religious leader.
      If you are unable to provide a letter from a religious leader, your religious accommodation request will still be considered, but please explain why you are unable to provide a letter.
    3. Upload Documents
    • Create a Worklife request via Get Support
    • Review and check the disclaimer
    • Attach a copy of your completed form to the request
    • Attach a copy of your religious leader’s letter of support and any other information to the request
    • Select Submit
    1. Receive Determination – Employees will receive the notice of the accommodation determination in Worklife
    2. Retain Copy of Religious Accommodation Form

    Disability/Medical Exemption Process: BNN article published on Oct 13, 2021 (and updated Oct. 19, 2021) outlining the process for requesting reasonable accommodation for disability/medical exemption from COVID-19 vaccination requirement. (Search Article KB0026130). 

    Keep in mind individuals requesting a reasonable accommodation due to a disability/medical condition must provide supporting medical documentation from their treating healthcare provider.

    Per BNN Article Tasks to Complete for Disability/Medical Exemption:

    1. Complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Disability/Medical Exemption Request Form
    1. Complete Part 1 of the Form
    2. Submit the form to your treating healthcare provider to complete Part 2
    3. Obtain completed copy from your healthcare provider
    4. Submit the completed exemption request via Worklife by creating a request via Get Support. Review and check disclaimer. Attach a copy of your completed COVID-19 Vaccination Disability Medical Exemption Request form and select Submit. Again, Boeing suggests submitting the documentation before Nov. 1, 2021 to ensure that a decision can be made prior to the Dec 8, 2021 Executive Order deadline
    5. Save a copy of your COVID-19 Vaccination Disability/Medical Exemption Request Form for future reference
    6. Monitor the status of your request in Worklife.

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