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  • If You Purchased a Long-Term Care Policy, File for a State Exemption
    Updated On: Nov 12, 2021

    If you purchased a long-term care policy, be sure to apply for your exemption from the state payroll tax!

    Members who purchased a long-term care policy prior to Nov. 1, 2021 and want to opt out of the WA Cares Fund payroll tax, should visit https://wacaresfund.wa.gov/apply-for-an-exemption/

    Click here for step-by-step pdf on the opt out process that includes screen shots to help members navigate this online WA Cares system, as well as how to upload an exemption in Worklife to Boeing payroll (on the last page). This information is also on Page 3 of the November Aero Mechanic that all members will receive in their mailbox.

    Members working at an employer who has ratified a contract since Oct. 2017, if you purchased a long-term care policy prior to Nov. 1, 2021, you will want to get your exemption submitted to avoid a payroll tax that begins Jan. 1, 2022.

    Members working at Boeing, to be exempted from the payroll tax, you must have purchased a qualifying long-term care policy by Nov. 1, 2021; however, you have until Dec. 31, 2022 to apply for the exemption from the state even though the payroll tax for you would not be implemented until after our new contract is ratified in 2024. NOTE: Only those who purchased a plan have to apply for an exemption with the state before 12/31/22. If you did not purchase a long term care plan,  you will begin paying the state payroll tax after our new contract is ratified in 2024.

    Keep in mind Washington State law noted you must purchase a private qualifying plan on or before Nov. 1, 2021. At this time, no further extensions have been granted.

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