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New Hire-In Rates for 97109, C2709, and 92309 Job Classifications
Jun 01, 2023

The Boeing Company notified us on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, that the Company would increase the external offer rates for the 97109, 92309, and C2709 job classifications. According to Boeing, this increase will affect only those Members who are below the new hire rate. Once a Member is hired at these new rates, current employees in these job classifications with the same prior work experience and with a base rate less than the new offer rate will have their wages increased to match the new rate.

Our Contract contains a minimum and maximum wage scale for every labor grade in our bargaining unit. The Company has the authority to pay members working in a job classification a wage rate within the minimum and maximum wage scale contained in Article 6. Over the years, they have increased the minimum rates for entire labor grades or specific job classifications within a labor grade to attract workers when they need to hire.

The Aerospace industry is on an upswing, and Boeing is attempting to ramp up production, needing to hire thousands of IAM Members in the near future. As a result, the Company has decided to increase the minimum rates for new hires in specific job classifications and with specific years of prior experience. This does not affect all classifications or all labor grades. The Union will work to ensure that no one in these job classifications with the same prior experience is paid less than a new hire in the same job. 

As the Company has done in the past, increases will take effect once the first employee is hired in any of the 97109, 92309, or C2709 jobs, and all affected employees will be notified once that happens. 

The increase taking effect will be an additional $3.10/hr as follows: Puget Sound and Portland: 97109, C2709, 92309

  • $33.10 for candidates with 0 - less than 5 years of prior experience
  • $36.10 for candidates with 5 - 10 years of prior experience
  • $39.10 for those with more than 10 years of prior experience

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