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Donny Donovan
Legislative &
Political Director
IAM District 751

Update January 27th, 2023 - Support Senate Bill 5417, it protects union members from coercive anti-union meetings!

It takes a lot of courage to fight for a better, more fair workplace by joining together with coworkers in a union. Unfortunately, too many workers are compelled to attend coercive captive audience meetings during an organizing campaign, in which companies threaten employees and tell them how they should vote. SB 5417, The Employee Free Choice Act sponsored by Sen. Karen Keiser (D-Des Moines), would protect workers who decline to attend these coercive meetings from retaliation or termination. No employee should have to attend mandatory meetings where bosses push their political or religious views. Employers have the right to express their views on all subjects, including matters of individual conscience, but they should NOT be allowed to force those views on workers under the threat of losing their jobs.

TAKE A STAND! Please click on the link below to send a letter to your Washington State Senators. It will provide an already written letter or you can personalize your own. It is especially important to include your experience if you have gone through coercive/captive meetings so our legislators understand the impact they have. 

SB 5417 - The Employee Free Choice Act

Update January 5th, 2023 - 2023 Machinists 751 Agenda

In 2023 we are focusing on our Clean Energy Agenda.

We are focusing on three areas to create a clean energy economy and workforce:
by investing in clean energy infrastructure, scaling the clean energy workforce, and
streamlining facility siting and permitting. This will not only positively affect the
economy but create amazing opportunities for good, union jobs. Please look
out for updates from us throughout the year on where we are at with our agenda. 

Update January 4th, 2023 - You Did It!

With everyone’s efforts, Congress has approved an additional $25 million funding to the National Labor Relations Board!

The NLRB is a vital resource for us. Without them, we couldn’t hold corporations accountable or build worker power through stronger unions.

Thank you to all of those that took the time to submit a letter asking our Senators to support the funding of the NLRB.

For more information on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and how it works, please visit the webpage below.

Understanding the NLRB - IAMAW (goiam.org)

Update December 2nd, 2022 - IAM Scorecard! - Why We Support Who We Support!

These are the voting records of your House Representatives as well as your Senators of the 117th Congress.

District 751 had an outstanding result from our last election. Of the people running for office asking for our endorsement, nearly 84% won their elections! Our process of endorsements is rigorous yet necessary to ensure we get the best possible candidates to represent your interests as a worker. 

Take a look at the IAM Scorecard for not only our State, but all the States in this great Country. See how their Representatives are voting on very major and important issues for working families.

The Full Report .pdf WA House Of Representatives WA Senators

Elections matter and actual votes in Congress matter. 

Provided for educational purposes

November 8th, 2022 General Election Results (click link below to view election results)

November 8, 2022 General Election Results (wa.gov)

Endorsed Candidates located on page 4 of the October 2022 AeroMechanic Newsletter


August 2nd, 2022 Primary Election Results (click link below to view election results)

August 2, 2022 Primary Results (wa.gov)

Dates and Deadlines for 2022


November 8th - General Election - Deposit your ballot in an official drop box by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Register to Vote | My voting information

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IAM 751 Legislative Committee Members 

Ken Ogren - Mitchell Christian - Levi Wilson - Amber Roulst - Brandon Stanfield

2022 Initiatives:

Recommendation to Oppose I-1929


I-1929 is officially tabled for this year. Sponsors of this initiative won't proceed and will instead wait for the outcome of a lawsuit challenging the legality of the tax.

What you should know about I-1929:

It would roll back a 7% state capital gains tax that only applies to huge (bigger than $250,000) stock profits.

This tax funds the Fair Start for kids act, which makes childcare more accessible and affordable for all families in Washington state.

It hurts hundreds of thousands of Washington's working parents who need childcare, and our students who need safe schools.

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