Nomination & Election For Replacement Grand Lodge Convention Delegates and Alternates

Because the 2020 Grand Lodge Convention was delayed until October 2022 several of the delegates elected in 2020 have retired, are no longer members or are unable to attend with the new dates. This prompted the need to elect replacement delegates from those locals. The IAM International President has granted dispensation to all Local Lodges so that we are using the process created in 2020 (and used again in 2021) for a mail in nomination and election.

Nominations for replacement Delegates or Alternates to the 40th Grand Lodge Convention will only be accepted from members in good standing of their respective local lodge. Candidates for Delegates or Alternate Delegates must meet the requirements outlined in Article II, Section 4 of the IAM Constitution. Member must accept the nomination or their name will not appear on the ballot. Following are the positions that will be nominated and elected as replacements from the 2020 election cycle. Click here to download a nomination form.

Local 751-A: 1 Grand Lodge Alternate

Local 751-C: 1 Grand Lodge Delegate; 3 Grand Lodge Alternates

Local 751-E: 2 Grand Lodge Delegates; 1 Grand Lodge Alternate

Local 751-F: 3 Grand Lodge Delegates; 3 Grand Lodge Alternates

If you would like to nominate a member to serve as a Delegate or Alternate Delegate in your Local Lodge (751-C, 751-E, or 751-F), mail the form below, be sure to include your information as the nominator. Nomination forms must be received at the Seattle Union Hall by 5 p.m. Friday May 6, 2022. Note: you can only nominate individuals in your local. 

If more nominations are received than there are positions, a mail election will be held in that local. Click here to request a ballot or call 1-800-763-1301 and request a ballot by 5 pm on May 27th. All 751-A, 751-C, 751-E, or 751-F members in good standing, whose dues are paid through April 2022, and retired Union members, are eligible to vote in their respective Local Lodge election

If there is an election in your local, ballots must be returned via U.S. Mail no later 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 23rd.

The pandemic has created a unique situation and we are implementing new procedures to conduct the business of our union. Thank you for your patience during these times. If you have any questions on this process, please contact Secretary-Treasurer Richard Jackson at 206-764-0310.


Candidates for all Union positions must be in good standing and free from delinquencies of any nature to the Grand Lodge, District or Local Lodge of the IAM.

In Local Lodges 751-E, a nominee shall be required to have attended at least 50 percent of the Local Lodge meetings during the 12-month period ending the date of the close of nominations (per requirements of the Local bylaws).

In Local Lodges 751-A, 751-C, and 751-F, candidates are encouraged to have attended at least 50 percent of the Local Lodge meetings during the 12-month period ending the date of the close of nominations.

According to the IAM Constitution, delegates to the Grand Lodge Convention must be a member of the Local Lodge or of a Local Lodge affiliated with District 751 for one year at the time of nomination. This qualification shall not be required of a member working at the trade transferred to a Local Lodge with the approval of the International President or Executive Council.

Every delegate to the Convention of the Grand Lodge shall be free from delinquencies of any nature to the Grand Lodge, District or Local Lodge of the IAM, and at the time of nomination and for six months prior thereto working at the trade. The qualification “working at the trade” shall not apply to members who are salaried full-time employees of any Local Lodge, District Lodge or Grand Lodge, a council, conference, the AFL-CIO or the Central Labor Council, nor shall it apply to members who experienced a layoff during the 6-month period prior thereto, or to members who have been unable to obtain employment at the trade because of a strike, lockout, discrimination or temporary physical disability or to members who are retired on pension and paying full dues, whether or not they hold a retirement card or an exemption card.

All members nominated for any position must accept the nomination to be placed on the ballot.